March 3, 2015

Prices & Services


Training in a Gym gives you access to a larger range of equipment and facilities. Allowing your training programme to be more varied, if you’re looking to lose or gain weight or to tone and strengthen up! DNA PT’s gym training programmes are individually designed to suit you perfectly and to help you reach your goals. The programme will change for each session to add variety and to promote positive progression.

£35 per session*

(Price reductions available for bulk buying sessions)
 ** Free consultation available **

Riverhills Health Club and Boutique Spa


(Clarice House, Bramford, Ipswich, IP8 4AZ)

*(Guest fee’s or membership is available)

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.Home Training


Work from Home? Don’t like the gym environment? Busy Lifestyle?

DNA PT will bring the fitness equipment to you!

This way you can enjoy a successful all-round body workout without leaving your home. The equipment may include kettlebells, resistance bands, yoga mats, medicine balls, body bars, agility ladders, dumbbells, cardio ropes and so on. Teamed up with any equipment you may have too. Your programme shall be varied from session to session to help achieve your aims and goals.

£40 per session*

(Price Reductions available for bulk buying sessions)
** Free consultation available **

* Please note that travel charges (currently 45p per mile) may be applicable for customers outside a 10 mile radius of my home address. This will be discussed and confirmed before sessions are booked.

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Don’t like Gym’s? No space at home? Or want to get Outdoors?

Training in the great outdoors has many benefits; the fresh air, inspirational locations and a limitless supply of changing scenery. This variety tends to make the training more engaging and mentally stimulating. You’ll also notice the mood-boosts that come from training in the sunshine, or braving the elements. Exercising on natural surfaces also brings tremendous benefits to your musculoskeletal system; strengthening joints, tendons and ligaments. Availability of suitable surroundings is required. Research will be undertaken by DNA PT to set out suitable and manageable routes.

From £30 per hour*

Please note these sessions will purely involve outdoor training and cool down with stretching! Little to no equipment will be used during these sessions.

For more details or other alternatives feel free to contact us.

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DNA Personal Trainers Ltd has teamed up with a  Pre & Post Natal Specialist.

To provide tailor made care before, during and after your pregnancy, to give mum and bump the ideal build up to a happy, healthy and successful pregnancy. We aim to not only provide you with the best possible programme for exercise and nutrition before and during your pregnancy. But to help you recover and get back in shape after the pregnancy.

Exercise can prevents or reduce the following:

– Backpain – Nausea – Leg Cramps – Insomnia – Fatigue – Constipation – Anxiety – Diastasis Recti – Excessive Weight Gain – Swelling of limbs – Varicose Veins – Muscle Imbalances – Depression – Gestational Diabetes – Pregnancy Induced Hypertension – Medical Intervention in delivery –

Exercise may increase or improve:

– Posture – Mental Well Being – Cardiovascular Fitness – Relaxation – Muscle Strength & Endurance – Core Strength to help support the babies – Functional Capacity – Energy Levels – Confidence – Recovery Time after birth –  Circulation & Blood Flow – Improved Calcium Absorption –

Services & Prices will be discussed in consultation


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DNA Personal Trainers Ltd also offers Gift Vouchers!

Why not purchase a gift voucher for a loved one or a friend? There are many ambitions and goals to be earned out there.

Do you know anyone who is striving for success?

>                  Whether its losing weight
>                                    Gaining weight
>                     Getting healthy and fit
>        Sports Competitions or events
>  Taking on one of Dan’s Challenges
>                     Gaining Self confidence
>     Or maybe to try something new

DNA Personal Trainers Ltd will help the receiver of your gift voucher realise their true ambitions, by guiding them through the mazey pathway of their health and fitness. To order a gift voucher, contact Dan via phone or email. He will be happy to answer any further questions

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