Welcome to the home of DNA PT!


DNA Personal Trainers Ltd have been proud to offer Gym, Home or Outdoor Personal Training in the Ipswich, Suffolk Area for over 10 years now. It has been our mission and privilege to help anyone who’s looking to find a new venture, a new hope or find a new path. To not only push themselves beyond what they would be capable of doing on their own, but to dream the once unobtainable. With newly installed courage and belief in their own ability.

We are a company built from hard work, dedication and pride. Now with the dawn of the year 2022, a new chapter has arrived for you to find yourself this year. A time of year to start believing in your ability, or at the very least begin to pursue a journey to enhance your ability with courage and strength.

Join us and let us help you find that journey or help you along it and become healthier, happier along the way!