Jun 24

U-ROW 2016: 2nd Round

The U-ROW 2016 competition has moved on the 2nd Round or the last 16.


16 brave men and 16 brave women will continue to represent there respective country in a quest to reach the next round the Quarter Finals. Here is the draw for the 2nd round.

The nations below will go row for row over a 1000m to see who shall make it through. Good luck to all.

2ND ROUND (1000m)


Switzerland   v   Germany

Croatia   v   Slovakia

Russia   v   Albania

Hungary   v   Italy

Ukraine   v   Portugal

France   v   Czech Rep

Rep Of Ireland   v   Spain

Wales   v   Iceland

. . . . . . . . .


Romania   v   Germany

Turkey   v   Russia

England   v   Albania

Hungary   v   Belgium

N Ireland   v   Portugal

France   v   Italy

Sweden   v   Czech Rep

Wales   v   Iceland