TRX Training


TRX suspension training: a 2 pound contraption made of low tech straps. It can replace an entire gym. The resistance is provided by the body weight of the trainee, and can be easily adjusted by simply changing the angle the person pulls at (vector resistance).

TRX almost always uses the important but rarely trained core muscles, the lower back, stomach and oblique muscles. Unlike weight machines, TRX exercises (like push-ups with hand in the straps) also train the small muscles that stabilize joints.

TRX became first popular in the US armed forces. It is hard to carry a fully equipped gym to war in Iraq. A few straps are not only easier to carry around but also a lot cheaper. Picture below left, proof TRX can be used almost anywhere.


Training with the TRX can be incorporated into your fitness programme with DNA PT, planning it around cardiovascular exercise.

Alternatively if you wish to have a session 100% dominated by the TRX it can be arranged.

30 minutes = £20

1 hour = £35

The whole session will be based on the TRX, whether its within your home, a gym or even outside