March 4, 2015

Dan’s Decathlon

Take on Dan’s Decathlon a positively uncompromising gym challenge, then top that off with a trainer who will get the very best out of you. That equals a fitter, stronger, happier and more determined you! GUARANTEED!

The Challenge:

10 events = 5 cardio + 5 body weight!

The Aim:

Completion under an hour with a points accumulation of over 15,000 points!

The Result:

You will be fitter, stronger and an achievement setter!

The Reward:

If both aims are achieved, you have earnt some serious bragging rights. But not only that, you would also be joining a very elite club of hard workers, see details below.

This 60 minute one to one session has been to specifically designed to get the best out of anyone, both men and women. It’s ideal if you are looking to get fit, toned and push yourself further than ever before, Dan will ensure you do! A points system has been carefully devised by Dan for each event, and you shall be reminded during the Decathlon of the points you tally. At the end of the 10 events, your session time is logged, your points are added together. Then it’s an eager wait to see if you’ve PASSED!

It costs £35 to take on Dan’s Decathlon, within a gym Dan trains at in the Ipswich, Suffolk area.



To pass, competitors must achieve more than 15,000 points and complete all 10 events in under 1 hour!

Competitors Names…Points……….Time


JENNY H (PASSED)                   16,165                    58 mins 58 secs

ADRIAN (PASSED)                     15,485                     54 mins 54 secs

KYLIE (FAILED)                            7,990                      57 mins 39 secs


ADRIAN (PASSED)                     15,900                     53 mins 50 secs

JENNY (FAILED)                           9,990                      60 mins 13 secs



ASHLEY (PASSED)                     15,320                       59 mins  40 secs

ADRIAN (PASSED)                      15,030                       53 mins 03 secs




BEN (PASSED)                            16,810                       49 mins 48 secs

ASHLEY (FAILED)                        13,370                       59 mins 35 secs




AMANDA  (PASSED)                   15,075                       54 mins 58 secs