March 4, 2015

Dan’s Heptathlon

Why not take on Dan’s Heptathlon. With only 7 events, this may not be as hard as the Decathlon. So would be a good test to warm up with before tackling the Decathlon. Dan had the same aim designing this, which was to enable anyone to have a great workout and make giant leaps forward with this well designed fitness workout.

Need to improve your fitness? maybe to tone or even lose weight? There are great rewards to be accomplished by having a go at this challenge. Dan will be with you to ensure you’re safe and you get the very best out of yourself.

The Challenge:

7 events=  5 cardio + 2 body weight,

The Aim:

Completion under 35 minutes with a points accumulation of over 11,000 points!

The Result:

You will be stronger, fitter and more motivated and ready to take on Dan’s Decathlon!

The Reward:

If both aims are achieved. As proof of completion you will receive a “Dan’s Heptathlon…I PASSED!” t-shirt. But not only that, you will also join an elite club of hard working trainers and entered into a draw. See details below.


This 35 minute one to one session has been designed to get the best out of anyone, both men and women. A points system has been carefully devised by Dan for each event, you shall be reminded during the heptathlon of the points you tally. At the end of the 7 events, your session time is logged, your points added together. Then it is an eager wait to see if you’ve passed.

It costs £20 to take on Dan’s Heptathlon, within a gym Dan trains at in the Ipswich, Suffolk area.