January 29, 2017

“A Years Endeavour”

“A Years Endeavour 2018”

has been designed to test and challenge over the whole of 2018. We want you to strive for successes you have wanted to achieve for sometime, but this time you do them!

In return, for your hard work. THE PRIZE is 10 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS!


There are 3 tests


Each test is 55 minutes long with the objective to achieve as many kilometres as possible. Before Test 1 your weight shall be written down.

. . . . .


Each kilometre achieved over the 3 tests in the gym will be added together. This total will then be added to any weight you have lost in kilograms. Each 1kg lost equals 1 point (so if you lose 2 stone you get 12 points)

Eg: Test 1 you achieve 10km in the year, test 2= 12km and then 14km in test 3. That gives you 36km.

That 36km is then added to any weight loss. So say you lose 10kg (That equals 10 points). Total in 46.

. . . . .


4 CARDIO MACHINES MUST BE USED, before you can use any of those 4 again,

Minimum of 1km per machine!!

Maximum of 3km per machine!!

Weight lost from before Test 1 to the result at Test 3 shall be counted.

You have 55 minutes. SO DON’T BE LATE!

. . . . .

Usual Personal Training charges apply. If you’re new to DNA PT or would like to book your test, please contact us and we shall arrange the tests with you between the dates above. Obviously if its something you want to train for then let us know and we shall steer you in the right direction.