2 weeks until ‘A Years Endeavour’ starts

‘A Years Endeavour’ is returning for 2018.

Its a fitness and health challenge set over 2018. It involves you getting fitter, stronger and some weight off this year.

-3 tests (each 55 minutes long)

-Tests are in January, July and December

-Weight loss and distance counts for points in a quest to find the most commited in 2018.

Still availability to take part. To book get in touch with Dan 07805068815 or Adele 07808855103 or email us




Is 2018 the year?

Its that time of year to start believing in your ability, or at the very least begin to pursue a journey to enhance your ability with courage and strength.
Its that time of year to go outside your comfort zone. To quote Ellen Sirleaf “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”, so dream big, go against the grain, be different and challenge yourself like never before, because “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” Fred Devito.
Age, gender, height and weight are just numbers. Its whats inside that really counts. Yes you may need to lose weight and get healthier, but you have to WANT it first. To start off with, get outside and walk getting those ideas flowing in your mind. When you have that goal, that idea and that ambition. Look after it, nurture it and feed it.
DNA PT can then help you realise that goal, making it more achievable and make that ambition a reality, AGAIN only if you really want it. A lot can be achieved in a year. As 2017 proved.
So dust off that winning feeling and begin to believe that you can still achieve so much, regardless of your current position. Remember never compare yourself to others. Your dream is unique to you.

So make it come true in 2018!

‘A Years Endeavour 2018’

3 Tests
55 minutes EACH test
Kilometres add to score
Healthy Weight Loss adds to score
1 Year to Endeavour
10 Personal Training sessions to be won!

1 Pair of eyes
1 Thumb
Book now and be in with a chance. Message for more details

Spartan Trifecta 2018??

With the success I got from completing the 2017 Spartan Trifecta. I have booked up to take part in it all again in 2018.

Bigger and better are may aims for each race. With improvements in each race my primary goal.

The 8 mile Super Spartan saw me place 17th out of 210 in my age catagory and 83rd out of 1263 overall. That really gave me incentive to push for the Beast.

The 13 mile Spartan Beast was a different level of beast from me. I pushed so hard and finished 37th out of 470 in my age catagory and 118th out of 2459 overall. The half marathon time of 2 hr 41 minutes which included 35 obstacles.

2018 will  be tougher I’m sure, but so will I. Keep tabs with my training and progress on here.

Our Team of 33 Santas!

For the second year running. DNA PT accompanied by clients and bootcampers put on their awesome Santa Suits to take on the fun 5k Inflatable Santa Run in Ipswich.

We were excited to grace the first wave of competitors with our presence. I believe we did just that. Songs were sung, high fives were given and received. Its safe to say the christmas was felt by all.

Well done to all who took part. We at DNA PT hope to get all of you and more back for 2018!

DNA PT Team of Hog Runners


Was great to be back at Wantisden Valley to take part in our 8th Hog Run. This year we took a best yet 19 runners to take on and enjoy, suffolks finest mud. Boy was it fun!

Hello to 2018!

Welcome all to 2018.

Wow, what a year 2017 was. So much was achieved by all.

. . . . . . .

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Chloe’s Transformation!

This is Chloe!

<<< Before and After >>>

She was 140kg at her heaviest!

Started personal training with DNA PT at 121kg.

Now she is around 80kg.
I’m sure you’ll all agree.

60kg lost.
Here’s a word from Chloe.

“And this is my daily reminder, that even when things feel impossible to do – that word impossible doesn’t exist to me any longer. I refuse to give up. 90 lb down and gone forever

Big thanks to my Personal Trainer, who has helped me no end, listen to me moan on, and always believing in me, she’s amazing”. 

— at Riverhills Health Club & Spa Ipswich.